I’d started thinking about my life and was overwhelmed by the dizzying sense of sadness that seemed to linger around me wherever I went. It seemed, quite apparently, that I was the walking cliché of the sad songs playing in my headphones as I walked around under a graying sky that opened up and let it’s tears slide down around my face and shoulders and I wondered if there would ever come a day when the pain in those songs and the darkness of those clouds would clear from my heart.
I think too much. (via brizzlewritesthings)

People annoy me!

I’m starting to think because I’m so honest and open people be like thinking the know me or can me intrusive as fuck with me.

And they ignore when I tell them politely

A few times.

Asking someone if they are “okay” 24 hours a day is actually rude as fuck.

Like do you want something to be wrong?

It’s fucking annnnoying

Anyway I’m a really nice person but stop suffocating me

It’s ducking weird

You work in my building you are a cool person but that’s it .

Stop stop being a fucking weirdo

I can’t be nice or subtle with you.

So just back away

I’ve had it

You ask someone if they are okay after something happens not every mother fucking day.

Yes things happen every day like finding out your gallbladder “works” 4% as to the ok rate of %65 and general population 90% to 100%

And that when you were really sick for two days after the radioactive nuclear study a few weeks ago it wasn’t just you or the weather it was the way gallbladder reacted to that ished Any way back. To why this person really gets me irritated is that It’s not such a big deal I’ve got to have surgery it’s not something I need to share with you or like harp on What I’m trying to say is find some other form of entertainment And stop feeling high off of what ever shit I’m going through it’s weird Cuz if it was me id be happy as fuck that this person isn’t a mess that they are living life dealing with shit when it comes and not having it stop momentum. Having it debilitate it. But I’m not saying you are a bad person but if I can offer you anything it would be a friendship and that’s at the highest level. That would be that you respect boundaries. At this point I’m going to stop all contact or friendliness bc you have a warped picture in your mind. You work in my building I am a nice person so please stop cuz this makes me not even want to possibly be your friend. I may not be explaining my self correctly But what ever. Dear world being thoughtful is fantastic being suffocating is not Misinterpreting what this is one thing disregarding words polite and harsh from me in regards to this is creepy as fuck. Man it’s a funny world . Being a bitch is not cool But being polite and friendly people think they can just be all up in your face. How do I explain this to you ? I can’t because I’ve tried in so-many different ways! ;)