Today the pharmacists at cvs were un intelligent twats as usual but today I laughed in my head at how daft they are. I found it amusing that they Have jobs and basically relieved that they’ve got a job.

Usually I’m like wanting to stab them and scream America what the fuck is wrong these people need to be reprogrammed.

It’s enough for me, you know I don’t think they are actually morons so I’m sure one of these days they will experience similar treatment and become infuriated and then realize their faults and hopefully take their job for serious .

Hey that or I’ll be off and on to bigger and better and will be going to. Different cvs pharmacy


You are what you are
You live what you live
You have what you have
And you’ll get what you’ll get

Your punishment placed as you already are what you are

Two eyes to see it all
As ones white and ones black

Ones a blessing
And the other a curse

Hear what you hear
Say what you say

After all we are humans
As well as barbarians

In a world so glad to be sad
And 5 smiles to hide

Insecure attacking the pure

What ever yo, 1+1=2 

will know the truth of truths

best blessed

incased in shimmering lights

True Time